1. What date is the event?
2. What is the start and end time of the event?
3. What kind of event is this?
4. How many people are expected at this event?
5. Would any kind of lighting be needed?
6. What is the venue and location of this event?
7. Is this on a ground-floor or upstairs? Are there any stairs? If upstairs, is there an elevator for the DJ to use? How assessible is this place from loading area to the banquet room? How much time will I have for setup and then for teardown?

Based upon these answers to the above questions, I will be in a better position to give a quote. I would let that prospect knok that the quotation is solely dependent on the answers given and any changes to the above may and can result in a change of price. I will let them know that final confirmation will be dependent on my doing a site visit to the venue.

Once all of this is done, I would then get the name and phone number of the person at the venue in charge of the events. I would ask the client to contact that person and let them know that I will be calling to set up an appointment to do a site visit. When I do go to that venue, I will be doing so on behalf of my client. It is even better if I can get the client to meet me there. I will be there to do a critical part of my job which is, to assist in the room layout as far as the sound system is concerned. I will never ask the venue person "where do you want me to set up?" I try to avoid any confrontation.

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